First, I am of the mind th


First, I am of the mind that you can’t really ever go wrong with Sony and when in doubt or all else being equal, go Sony. In this case, I would also vote Sony. The Sony has a 1.5 lux rating while the Panasonic has a 12 lux (1 lux in Magicpix, which I really don’t have a clue what that is but I would guess it was related to infrared pix or something else) A 1.5 lux is awesome though. However, the Panasonic is a 3 chip cam (small 1/6" chips though) while the Sony is one very large chip (1/2.9").
However, (again) the Panny has CCD (which I prefer) chips while the Sony has CMOS. All in all though, if low light is important, go with the Sony. For a better review check out

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