first, do not capture to a


first, do not capture to a system drive (i.e. drive containg operating system and programs). second, defrag the drive before capturing the files. this ensures that the files will be placed on the hard drive in one spot rather than chunks. third, you are right to suspect the firewire cable, but also throw in possibility of issue at the camera firewire port. since it’s a relatively new camera, i won’t think that there is a problem there right now, so let’s focus on the firewire cable. make sure you have a really good cable. be very cautious when plugging up and handling the camera with the cable connected, those firewire ports are infamous for breaking. there could be a resource conflict with the firewire card, but doubt it.

p.s., the other thing you can do to make sure you don’t drop frames, turn off or disable any programs that you don’t need running, i.e. virus scan. you are simply transferring data to the computer, so you don’t need to worry about a virus coming in during the transfer from the camera.

Hope this helps.


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