First 2 Camcorders prefera


First 2 Camcorders preferably digital. Batteries take every battery you have. Take the electrical adapters and extension cords, most churches allow you to run a cord especially to a fixed tripod location (Oh, Yea! Tripods are required, buy one, even a cheapy, if you dont have one) . I like behind the alter if possible. The second is for handwork; the lectors, singers & Preacher may only be visible from the congregation. I attach this cam to a monopod; it is great from seating and opens quickly when you, or your assistant, move to the back of the sanctuary for the recessional. Take gaffers tape, I use the new blue painters tape not old style masking tape. Use this to fix the cords etc. so no one trips. When you do the reception you will NEED a light bigger than those built in color enhancement lights but dont blind everyone, use creative lighting angles or a diffuser. Take twice the recording tape cassettes, Mini-DVD etc.,that you think you will need. AND did I mention Batteries? At the reception you can charge one set while using another. You can always use a small tool kit, screwdrivers, pliers and wrench. Wanna be a hero! Take some safety pins, scotch tape, hairpins and super glue. If one of the ladies has a wardrobe malfunction you can save the day and gain valuable good will.
Even being prepaired, if you don’t get Butterflys in your stomach, you’re stronger than I.
PS. Buy Batteries if you don’t have at least 2 for each camcorder.

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