Firewire is showing in the


Firewire is showing in the Device manager with no yellow warnings.

Have I used it before? NO

Is 1394 Connection showing up in Network Connections? YES but firewalled

In the BIOS? Serched everywhere in BIOS and could not find it there AT ALL.

‘New Hardware Found” messages? YES

I reinstalled the sony crap.

Also tried to connect using the USB cable and that at first looked promising as it seemed the camera at least recognised it was plugged in to it.

But the pc still could not see it.

I am thinking a hammer will fix this fast…..8o

You are going to say the firewire card isnt working or not being recognised-Right?

Even so-why would it not find the camera through the usb port-that I KNOW works?


But huge thanks for trying to help me.

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