Firewire in my opinion is


Firewire in my opinion is a must. Memory and a fast hard drive will help make the experience enjoyable.

I have a Dell XPS M1330 that I use when I need to edit on the road. It is a Core 2 Duo with 4 Gig ram, high end video card,and a 7200 RPM Hard drive. I wanted something that was extremely light and portable(under 3 pounds), and I paid a premium for it, but at around $2000 it might be a bit more than your parents are willing to spend. It will handle HD video, but it is PAINFULLY slow (although most of my projects are several hours long). You might be able to get a comperable laptop that is heavier and larger for less if extreme portability is not an issue for you.

If this will be an editing machine, I would highly recommend a desktop computer. You will be able to get a more powerful system with more features at a fraction of the cost (I configured a Core2 Duo with 4 Gig of ram and a 640Gig Hard drive and 20″ monitor for under $700. A comperable 17″ laptop weighing in at over 7lbs is around $1400. If your parents are willing to spend more to support your interest in videography, step up the processor and RAM and get a second hard drive that you use just for storing and editing your video.

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