Find a price you’d be happy


Find a price you'd be happy to get and reduce it by a third as your asking price – then expect to get half. I had to practically give away my XL1 ($600 – the pelican case was worth about half what I sold the entire camera package for) and I've got a friend with an XL2 who can't sell it because he won't budge on his price.


You could start on craigslist if you live in or near a decent sized city. Try ebay, maybe.


I know this is going to sound harsh to say about a once great camera, but I would only be interested in a camera like that as a miniDV deck to play my legacy tapes.


It's not going to be popular for three main reasons

– It's SD

– It's 4:3

– It's tape and that means ingestion is restricted to realtime


Remember, you can now get a fullHD camera for $250 with 1080 60p. It's not awesome, but it will blow away a GL1.


I hope this doesn't sound too harsh. I've been there myself and it was a rather bitter pill for me to swallow. πŸ™

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