Finally some replies! :D


Finally some replies! πŸ˜€ Im actually really glad to receive some. I posted this story on an entrepreneurial message board. They have great ideas but are not very knowledgeable in the technical end.

The equipment you suggest is well above my start-up range. That particular camera falls into the prosumer range, which while extremely high quality and reliable, probably is way overkill for this project. To be honest, I was simply hoping for a couple of used consumer level mini-dv camcorders! lol

The main market for this would be trackside. People love to watch videos of themselves! In that sense, a 1-week layover for the disk is not that big of a deal. Simply enjoy last weeks race the next week. Editing takes some time.

Im slightly conflicted about the whole deal. I have the entrepreneurial spirit to go for it, but I am also the announcer at the track a position that took a long time to get into. Part of my business plan was simply to edit the videos the day after, but have them recorded by an employee(s) allowing me to continue my rewarding work as announcer. πŸ™‚

But the more I think about it even further, I feel the reason I am doing it is simply for the challenge and love of recording a couple of races in a professional manner for the enjoyment of the track and teams. Im not sure if its necessary to go full out business. Perhaps I should just get a few friends and record a couple as a pilot project and see where that leaves me?

Thoughts πŸ˜•

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