Final Cut Pro 6 does edit


Final Cut Pro 6 does edit HD, however, make sure you need HD. People these days get to psyched on HD and forget that they and their clients have no HD TVs to view the final video on. You would also need a Blu-Ray burner. But also keep in mind that shooting in HD and down-converting to SD after you finish cutting the video makes for really good SD video. Does that make sense.

Shooting HD will automatically be in the 16:9 aspect ratio. Thats just the standard for HD. All HD camera shoot widescreen.

I feel that lighting is one of the most important aspects in video making. I always make sure I have more light than I need. It’s better to close the iris and boost the shutter speed if I have too much light rather than boost the gain if I don’t have enough light. Also learn how to light. Look into 3 point lighting. Obviously for this video you might need more than 3 lights, but you will get the concept of key light, fill light, and rim light. Plan what you are going to shoot too. Don’t just shoot randomly and expect it to work out. Make sure you get wide shots, medium shots, and close ups. If the song is a fast song, make sure you shoot enough. Fast song require faster cutting and faster cutting requires more shots. Don’t be afraid to do lots of takes. Getting the footage you need will save you head aches in post production.

I can’t help ya out with the slow motion effect. I’d have to play with it. Have the “frame blending” box checked. That usually makes for a smoother slow mo.

Also, use a tripod unless you purposely want shaky video. Feel free to rig up a simple dolly too. Dolly shots would make a HUGE difference when trying to look professional, but don’t use too many dolly shots in the final video, just a couple to make your video pop.

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