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Members here refer to others by their username, mine is @Sargehero or Luis.

In order to do what you want you will need to go frame by frame adjusting the second video with the track motion tool. If the video is long, the keyframing will take A LOT of time to make. Some suggestions; do not do this shot handheld, use a tripod. Keyframing handheld shots is more difficult because of the natural shaking of the camera (cause by your hands). Set the camera in one place and move the Gameboy to the direction your camera is seeing. Make sure the Gameboy screen is always shown in camera. Also, put a visible red dot (or any color that stands out) in the center of the Gameboy screen. This will make the keyframing process a lot easier because in post you will clearly see the dot. Note: In editing you need to superimpose the video of Starcraft on top of the Gameboy video and then do the tracking.To make it more believable play between close ups and medium shots while you move the Gameboy (this is more complicated, but try it out). It will take a couple of trail and errors (and a lot of time), but it can be easily done.

PS: The next thing could be making a holographic projection of the Starcraft 2 video coming out of the Gameboy, but that more advance.

PSS: Protoss RULE!!! πŸ™‚

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