Ey up mate, I must have n


Ey up mate,

I must have not made myself clear.

I am talking about using the exposure compensation setting on the cam while having it set to auto.

The reason i am doing this and not using Auto is that the Subject will move around a lot, moving from directly in the lights to completely out of them, so i wont be quick enough to reset the exposure to compensate for this.

If it was just a static shot this would be no problem, but its not. As well as the Subject moving in and out of lighting, i will have to go from a tight shot to super wide when all competitors come onto stage. Again I wont have to time to mess with the settings.

I understand that if i was used to the settings i could probably alter them on the fly, but i dont have time to get used to the setting to this degree as the shoot is this Sunday.



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