Ey up mate,cheers for th


Ey up mate,

cheers for the reply, i have had a look at the link you gave me and have found some interesting stuff. I dont have time right now to look properly, but will do in a few hours.

I got some dissapointing news today, i asked a guy that creates DVD’s professionally, and has no compatability issues at all, how he creates DVD’s. The bad news is, he does it the same way i do. Well, not quite.

He Authers a DVD (not sure in what programme), and then uses Nero to Burn it with.

I have been Authering a DVD in Encore, and then Burning it directly from Encore. I would have assumed that Encore would have been better at this than Nero, as this is the Sole purpose of Encore.

Could it be my Writers, i am using LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-160P6S, does anyone know if this is a decent burner?



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