Ey up mate,cheers for th


Ey up mate,

cheers for the Reply and the Link, I will have a read now.

I am Currently using -R discs, and have burned one today using Encore which allowed me to Burn at a Speed of 1X.

Now i took this with me today and tried this in another friends Player and it came up with an error that siad "Wrong Disc", then we put it in his Pc to play in Power DVD, but the PC said the Disc was Blank.

The Disc plays fine on my PC and on the PS2.

Driving me nuts now.

I phoned a Lab today to get a price on Pressing DVD’s and he said that you can still get compatability problems even with Pressed ones, although he said they are better than ones Burned with a PC.

HOw the Hell do the Pro’s do it?

Cheers again,


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