Ey up guys,cheers for th


Ey up guys,

cheers for the responces, sounds like you have been having a right good old chat. Lol.

Right then, first things first, I am in the UK, which is PAL and Region 2.

My burners were actually set to No Region selected, which i actually (honest) set to region 2 last night, so i dont know if this may have an effect. I have actually given my mate a disc that burned in Encore, but at 1X, and it sort of works. The menu does not auto boot, instead he gets a folder which he has to click, he cant use scene select, so can only play the whole thing.

So this is better than not playing at all, but still not good.

NOw as for settings in Encore, i have the Project settings set to PAL, but do not know if there are any Region settings. If there are, can someone tell me where to find them?

I would ASSUME that if the Project setting are set to PAL, then the discs would be burned in Region 2, but then i may be totally wrong, as i dont know which regions use PAL etc.

This is driving me nuts, i asked someone who makes films and he said he burns with Nero and they all work on everything. I am going to speak to him again Tomorrow (probably while you are reading this) and ask him what Burner and Discs he uses.



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