Exposure? One thing I am h



One thing I am having difficulty with is trying to get good overall exposure when I have exterior windows. Here in South Florida its as much about the views as the property itself. Try to get an ocean view out the window from a distance and the interior is underexposed, try to get a crisp shot of the interior and the windows are blown out. I know there must be a trick of the trade. Gels on the windows are out of the question. Some of these windows are floor to ceiling and wall to wall and 24 floors up! Any suggestions?

One thing I am toying with is if for an example a large window with a view is say 15 feet away; Set the exposure so that the window is slightly blown out and the interior exposure is good. As I approach closer to the window, dissolve to the window view with the exposure set for the view outside the window and pan the view then dissolve back inside and reset the exposure. It’s been cloudy/rainy here the last couple days so I have not had the opportunity to try this yet.

My clients are happy with the auto-exposure I use now which is a happy medium, but I am a bit of a perfectionist (within reason) and I know I can get more professional results with a little extra effort. Just trying to figure out how…

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