Excellent work NEGuy… ho


Excellent work NEGuy… however, in rural Wisconsin the market is quite smaller. I will shoot 2-4 videos a month (10 during a really busy month and 0 in the “off” months). I get paid every month, videos or not.

I like your input about the “teaser video”. I’m finding the same as you, the 5-7 minute videos get more attention (so now, mineare longer). Keep in mind, a low end home sells for ~$60,000, the high end around $500K. We only have about 4 “million +” homes in our “area”. Soooo, for me to get $350 for a video of a 100K house is a “no go” (brokers won’t pay that much). I could probably get $350 for the high end homes, but because the brokers around here don’t use videographers, I’d be placing myself out of business.

But, all that being said, thank you for the reply (and criticism). Sometimes I do think I’m crazy — but I also remember that I would much rather be doing videos than working in a factory just because it “pays better”. Really though, how else am I gonna find out what others are doing (and getting paid) if I don’t post the questions. Again, thank you.

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