Exactly! And thanks for th


Exactly! And thanks for the compliments. If you have fun doing it, you’re already ahead of the crowd. I’ve seen alot of videographers that dont seem to enjoy what they do (makes no sense to me). The result is a product done halfway because they want to as little work possible for as much money as possible. I personally love this so much that I will go out of may way to do extra stuff for clients just because I love it! That limo ride video was an example of that. The client hadn’t paid for it but since I had the chance I did it anyway! What fun! I can tell you are with me as far as having a passion for this business. People will see that in you and your work. That’s where you will stand above the other guys.

And BTW, keep messing around with the software. Soon it will just click and a door will open to all kinds of crazy new stuff! You really can do just about anything you want so just decide what you want to do then find out how to do it! The help menus are actually a good source of info too! The way I learn new things is I pick something I want to do. An effect, a project or something like that. Then I find out how to make it happen.

Good luck!

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