Everything I mentioned exc


Everything I mentioned except the boom pole will easily fit in a backpack (and you don’t have to have a boom pole, especially in run-and-gun situations). But the other stuff really doesn’t take up much room.

There are also cheaper mics out there, like the Azden SGM-1X. It’s gotten pretty good ratings, though it doesn’t have the ‘full’ frequency range and can’t take phantom power, but it could give you some pretty good results.

Also, if you are only using a run-and-gun type filming, and plan to have the mic always on your camera, you could look into the Rode Videomic, which is another cheaper alternative that has gotten some really good reviews. That mic actually would plug directly into a 3.5mm jack, so you could bypass the XLR adapter.

Of course, the other thing to consider, that inside you probably won’t want to use a shotgun mic. Getting a decent lavalier like others have suggested, or an omni-directional handheld mic (if it fits in the story) might be a better choice.

And you could go for a cheaper pair of headphones, but keep in mind that what you hear might not really be recorded. Monitoring headphones are meant to be line-leveled so that all frequencies are at zero or as near zero as possible. Listening headphones for games or music are often made to sound extra bassy or more sweet. Monitor headphones are designed to help let you hear exactly what is recorded. What ever you choose, I suggest you go for a closed-ear design to help block out external noise.

So all-in-all, you really don’t have to go for the complete setup I said. But if you do get an external audio setup, the things I suggest you get are a shock mount if you go for a shotgun mic and headphones that are closed-ear.

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