Everyone has made great po


Everyone has made great points so far, just a couple of things:

From the Premiere Pro Help files about Time Remapping:

“You can speed up, slow down, play backward, or freeze video portions of a clip using the Time Remapping effect. Using speed keyframes, you can change speed numerous times within the same clip. For example, in a clip of a man walking, you can show him moving forward quickly, slowing suddenly, stopping mid-step, and even walking backward, before resuming his forward motion. Unlike Clip Speed/Duration which applies a constant speed across the entire clip, Time Remapping allows you to vary the speed throughout the clip, and to ease in or ease out speed changes.

You can apply time remapping only to instances of clips in the Timeline, not to master clips.

When you vary the speed of a clip with linked audio and video, the audio remains linked to the video, but remains at 100% speed, regardless of changes to the video speed. It wont remain synchronized.

You create variable speed changes by applying speed keyframes, either in the Effect Controls panel or in a clip instance in a video track of the Timeline. Applying speed keyframes in either location is similar to keyframing Motion, Opacity or any other keyframe effect, with one notable difference: a speed keyframe can be split to create a transition between two different playback speeds. When first applied to a track item, any change in playback speed on either side of a speed keyframe is instantaneous at that frame. When the speed keyframe is dragged apart and spread out beyond one frame, the halves form a speed change transition. Here, you can apply linear or smooth curves to ease in or ease out the change between playback speeds.”

I actually like time remappoing in AE a bit better than in Premiere. I just think it is smoother to apply and work with.

The responses above are correct, Soundbooth was created specifically to be Audition light. It was intended to allow video editors and animators who are often unfamiliar with working with sound the ability to quickly edit and sweeten audio files. The integration between Premiere and Soundbooth allows you to jump from the Premiere pro timeline directly to Soundbooth to edit audio, which is a pretty standard suite integration these days.

It is very surely not a mixing program though as it is at the moment a single track editor. You can download a beta copy of SoundBooth CS4 at http://labs.adobe.com that is multi-track though.

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