Everyone has an End User L


Everyone has an End User License Agreement (EULA) which spells out (usually) clearly just how you may use any product (royalty free or not, music, graphics, footage, etc…).

Most rf music EULA’s allow you to use the music in a compilation (video or sometimes audio) and distribute that compilation to a limited audience (e.g. if you were doing a TV show with an expected audience of > one million sets, you may need additional licensing). In no case have I ever seen the right to distribute the music alone.

Also be aware not all music used in video is rf – there are other forms of “rights managed” music (such as needle drop).

Also, depending on where you show your work, you may need to provide a cue sheet – which for some venues tells them (not you!) who owns the rights to the music and in some cases (like TV or movies) whom they (not you!) have to pay.

Confused?? Join the club!

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