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Yeah the oldschool stereoscopic anaglyph 3D tech actually goes back to the late 19th and early 20th Centuries (sans the red & blue glasses.) One of the major reason ‘homemade’ 3D flicks as you said, ‘creates a vacuum effect’ is because all too often the care and attention to making the effect work properly isn’t attended to and the story no doubt wasn’t anything to write home about as well.

Ian hit it on the head with his critique on current Hollywood offerings. The one thing to keep in mind concerning H-Wood and 3D is; they aren’t concerned about art, they are looking for gimmicks to get butts into theater seats and to buy Blu-Ray / DVD’s. That’s it. Until those who make 3D films and videos come to understand that the medium they’re using needs to be a part of their work not an accessory, we’re going to continue to see a continuing stream of crap flowing onto big and small screens. IMAX for example is excellent for showing grand vistas and making ‘bigger than life’ scenes (see ‘Dark Knight’.)

Using IMAX to shoot a lowbudget teen horror flick isn’t even considered because other than the cost, it’s just not suited for the genre. 3D on the other hand is a lot cheaper to make (unless you’re doing a stadium-load of 3D CGI rendering) so now everyone capable of making a 3D film is jumping on the bandwagon. So what will change all this is when some filmmaker whips out a flick into the mainstream that incorporates 3D into the story to where without it the film would be something completely different… and make it popular. When that happens, H-wood will scramble to do the same thing. Until then, don’t forget your waders….

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