Events are tough, because

AvatarLaguna Hiker

Events are tough, because they tend to be no more than talking heads. The film can come across as a series of interchangeable faces, and I have found it difficult to hold an audience's attention for more than thirty seconds or so.


If you created the piece for an organization that is trying to raise money from the mayor, or the congressional rep, it can work pretty well, but it may not raise the awareness of a general audience or generate any enthusiasm on their part for the cause.


If it were me (and, of course, it's not), I'd probably do short bites of the event itself and cutaway to visual evidence of what the politicians are talking about–pictures or video of victims, a graphic or two with some provocative statistics. If I could get a victim telling their story, I'd cut that in with the politicians. I'd be looking for a story to tell, so I could hold an audience for six or seven minutes.


I hope that helps!

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