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eventDV magazine recently had an excellent article about shooting from aircraft. I recommend you read it before this shoot.

Thanks Hank, I looked for the article, haven’t found it yet, but will continue looking.

Both cameras are consumer grade cameras, with tiny sensors. If I’m spending money on a plane and if this excursion is a fairly rare occurance, I’m shooting with good stuff, not consumer stuff, though I admit to being hesitant about bringing my VX2100s & FX1 on canoe trips – especially when running Class II and better!

Yes, this trip is a rare occurrence! Wish I could use a more professional camcorder, however, being in Trinidad makes buying or renting this kind of equipment prohibiitive for someone independent like me. The very PVG-S500 is for sale for $9,194.00 (about US$1,460.00) and that’s without lenses, filters or anything – just the camera in the box.

I guess using the tripod as balance weight to smooth things out might be a decent compromise. Be sure and pump some iron for a couple months ahead of time!

I’m also thinking of super-securing the camcorder via a strap leading from it to the inside of the plane. It would be a quite a sight if it became dislodged in mid-flight!

If the purpose is to get the best video, I’d suggest renting or borrowing a helicopter.

Andrew, I’d love to film from a helicopter – the price here will be about $4,000.00, the Cessna around $1,000.00. Perhaps it doesn’t look like alot of money when converted to US but it’s costly for us. Then, the fee goes up if you want to do video or still photos and goes up again for permission to fly at a lower altitude for the purpose of photography – why I need to pay for permission is beyond me, I think permission should be granted on a piece of paper and that should be the end of it, I’m already paying for the flight.

Thanks for all of your responses, they are appreciated. πŸ™‚

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