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That’s some solid advice Jim gave. In addition it doesn’t hurt to have some good ‘extra eyes’ involved during the production process to catch things you’ll certainly miss and keeping in mind despite your best laid plains, ‘stupid @#$@!!’ is going to happen. You get around that by looking (and listening) to your ‘daillies’. Unlike working with film, video has taken away having to wait for the film to come back. You should have a monitor or a laptop on hand to look at your shots in the field or on location. If you are working tapeless, you have even less excuse to not view footage. Now, don’t get to the point where immediately after every shot you run to view it. That screws up the flow of shooting, will erode your talent, crew’s and your own confidence. Always have 2 channels of audio with two different mikes. I can’t tell you how many times having that extra channel saved my backside because we had at least one source of audio. If you can have a field mixer and or a dedicated audio recorder on set is even better.

Another thing is to recognize that the post phase is where you take all the crap you shot and turn it into something someone will want to see. The lament of any Editor is also their greatest strength in that they are the one’s who really make the ‘magic’ happen. ‘Silk purses out of Sow’s ears’ should come to mind. Remember that the project is a massive puzzle and you have to wade through it and pull it together. The ‘joy’ you’ll find only comes after the project is completed. Of course there will be cool points when you create a funky new mographic or work your way through a tough scene or hit milestones and deadlines. The rest of the time, you’ll be trying to keep from pulling your hair out. When you’re done, you’ll get a brief ‘moment of happy’ and have some more ‘war stories’ to tell. If you have this stuff in your blood, then the moment will pass and you’ll be waist-deep into another project trying not to pull your hair out.

Production is a ‘messy biz’. You can become quite efficient in your planning and execution, but because people and technology are involved you’re still going to get your hands good and dirty.

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