Evan, Sounds like a reason



Sounds like a reasonable choice. I had been considering that camcorder for some time, but eventually chose the HVR-V1U, a more expensive model. But the HVR-HD1000u is a reasonably good choice. Has a focus ring (which can be switched to zoom or exposure functions). The shoulder mount design can be useful for event videography.

On the down side, the mic input is a miniplug, not a professional XLR connection. You might eventually wish to use the more professional mics, which will have the XLR connection. Also, I’ve noticed the industry is moving away from tape, and switching to memory cards instead, which should be a little more dependabe. You might consider the Panasonic AG-HMC70U, a slightly more expensive model which has XLR inputs and uses memory cards. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a focus ring (a strange omission). A couple notches up in price would get the very desirable Panasonic AG-HMC150 (which I would have chosen if available when I made my purchase). But now we’re in the price range of the XL2.

For the money, the HVR-HD1000U is a great buy, and would probably keep you happy for some time. (BTW, you know that the XL2 is just a standard-definition camcorder, right? If a budget standard-def camcorder is what you want, consider the GL2.)


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