Euan, do you have any


Euan, do you have any recording experience? Do you know anyone that does that could help you?
One portable mixer (and probably the cheapest one before getting into many thousands of dollars) is the new Zoom F8. It has 8 independent audio channels. I realize that you have 10 instruments to record so you’ll have to double up somewhere πŸ™‚
B&H has it for $1,000.00
The other cost will be microphones to record each instrument with and you’ll need the advice of someone that knows what the best mics would be for this particular need.
If all of this is too much (i.e. expensive) for you, then do as paulears suggested and stick a smaller Zoom recorder on a mic stand in front of them and hope for the best.
Some experimentation is definitely in order here.
Good luck with the project.
FYI, the pro sound guys are always willing to travel to you if that’s a budget option.


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