Escobar, I agree with Mada



I agree with Madame Chick about the complexity of Avid software. Once you learn the basics Avid is not that hard to work with. The hard part is learning the basics. I got classroom and hands on training learning how to use media composer and symphony in addition to having a copy of DV Xpress Pro. The good news is, once you learn how to work the interface you can work them all no matter what platform. Bad news is, learning the interface. If you are trying to learn editing from scratch, I’d strongly advise against going with Avid unless your’re getting sponsored by your job to do so. Now that Avid has ‘canned’ Xpress Pro for Media Composer, $2.5k is a lot of cash to spend on software that will kick your butt trying to learn it on your own. Definitely check out the DVD and I do believe you can still download a trial copy of MC to play with, though I don’t think 30 days is enough time to truly evaluate it.

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