Escobar, All the above is



All the above is correct. I had a similar problem on a film and it was a rug cleaning service. I was staring down the ADR barrel, but did as Earl suggested and was able to EQ the sound of the cleaners out and still maintain believable nat sound. You may be able bring the jackhammer sound down to an acceptable level depending on your editing/audio software. But if you have mono/dialog going over the jackhammer I hope you recorded clean nat sound before or after it kicked in ’cause you’ll need it when you have to lay in the ADR track. New is also dead on, both your audio guy/gal and you should have caught that in the field. You can shoot on-loc and get excellent sound but dude, as Rob mentioned do not take your audio lightly. Bad audio will kill a flick faster than a lame plot. Lesson learned I hope.

Please let us know how you solve this.

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