Escobar sez: ” Hello ever


Escobar sez:

” Hello everyone,

i want to learn how to edit, local colleges, only have class when i am at work, and i can not miss work, i was wondering how good is the Avid Training on dvd? will i learn a lot, or not? “

Training provided by any particular manufacturer will mainly cover the operation of their software/hardware and not necessarily teach one how to edit. Editing is the art of telling a story by arranging film or video clips in such a way as to be informative or entertaining. That art can only be learned by observing the work of others who have mastered it and by applying their techniques to your own projects, being critical of the results.

Becomming an apprentice, intern, or assistant to an established editor is the best way to learn. Check out and read some of the stories in the Guild Magazine from those who found a way to becomming employed as apprentices or assistants and who eventually got their big break.

R Crampton

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