Ernie, The Express Slot al



The Express Slot allows for 2 things:

1) If you’re shooting with Sony’s EX1 or EX3, the SxS cards can be inserted right into the Express Slot for a speedy offload of your footage. This is quite beneficial when shooting in the field. I believe if you don’t have an Express Slot, like on the 15″, you can get adapters that connect to the FW800, but the offload will not be nearly as fast as offloading with the Express Slot.

Also, if you are shooting P2, you can get adapters to connect your P2 cards to the Express Slot for a speedy offload.

2) The Express Slot allows for expansion. You can get esata cards that connect to the Express Slot and then connect an esata hard drive, or better yet, a RAID to your laptop. This comes in very handy when editing video of higher data rates or uncompressed video.

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