Epson. My little laptop ke


Epson. My little laptop keyboard’s keys are so close together that when my fat fingers start typing, typos abound.

I’ll try to find a link. If you go to your local Sam’s Club, it should be in their printer section.

It prints cds/dvds and regular stuff, and it has a USB port on the front that you can connect cameras to to print out images. The one thing it doesn’t have is a scanner, but I already own one, so no worries there.

It’s cheap, and with a can of automotive clearcoat, it looks really good, even without the Turtle Wax 😛

I’ve taken my DVD’s in the past and let them sit at the bottom of a sink for 15 minutes. The clearcoat holds, and the discs look almost as good as a thermal printer. And considering a nice thermal printer that does full color on a full disk can cost thousands of dollars, I think this is a fair price. I just need to get my uncle in law, who fabricates new technology, to help me fiqure out a way to incorporate a clearcoat sprayer onto the inkjet heads and I’m sure I’ll make millions.

Of course, in 2 years, someone else is going to beat me to it now that I said that outloud 😛

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