Endeavor Wrote:BTS Wrote:P


Endeavor Wrote:

BTS Wrote:

Pinnacle is great…. when it works.

When would that be? lol. Just kidding.

Well, it’s funny, just like svhs, I had no problems for YEARS! Then I was editing some vacation footage this fall in 9.4.3, and it started stalling. I hadn’t done anything else to my computer, but some of the footage was from MicroMV source, so I thought that could be the problem. But I have used 8000kbps mpgs before without problems. Also, it wouldn’t let me burn DVDs with menus and chapters. Very frustrating. Now the problem seems to be minimal if I edit full-size AVI files, but it’s kindof like after you get a bad virus: the computer just doesn’t seem the same… Up until my recent problems I would never even have considered switching to any other software. I have an upgrade for 10, but I’m almost afraid to install it.

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