” Empowerment ” implies th


” Empowerment ” implies that the average person can achieve anything given the right tools.One can record a hit album with Garage Band in their bedroom . . . One can create a hit movie with cheap/free editing software . . . ANYone can do it, right? How many professionals in the sound or video industriesare there? How many sales of hardware & softwaredo they represent? How many potential sales are represented by the millions of consumer/would-be producers?

George Lucas, back in the 80’s, came up with the Edit-Droid, a very expensive post production edit suite. His reasoning was that there were about 2500 editors in post production and that he could sell his machines for around $ 200,000. That may be a lot of money, but once you’ve saturated your market, then what? He canned the project.

Avid was the defacto NLE at one time. Having saturated their market, customer support went to Hell because there wasn’t enough on-going revenue to keep anyone answering the phones.

So let’s hear it for Steve Jobs who was smart enough to realize that there’s a whole lot more money to be made in the ” consumer ” realm than there is in the ” professional ” realm!

Rick Crampton

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