elderban Wrote:You can sto


elderban Wrote:

You can store 1 to 2 hours of "DVD quality" video on a DVD.

But then again, my projects aren’t very large, so I don’t need a lot of storage.

Sure but DV AVI quality is better then DVD quality so why would you store raw footage in a lesser quality for later use?

At any rate, either youre confused or Im confused. (Ive been known to be that. πŸ˜€ ) The original poster asked what brand of exterior HD would we all recommend. He said that he needs a place to back up or store footage. Now the question is whether its raw or finish footage.

Granted you can store close to 2 hours of video on a DVD but if you wanted to use that footage again, it will be compressed so your end results will not be as good as it could be when you wanted to use that again. DVD quality is compressed were as DV AVI is not.

Now in my interpretation, I look at the term footage as being RAW because this is what you draw from to make a finished project of which you would then burn to DVD. I DO archive my finished projects to DVD but I sure dont save footage that I want to use again later on a DVD. Ill either hard drive it or throw it back on a tape.

If he is storing this footage to be used at a later time, then you wont get 2 hours of high quality AVI video on a DVD. It looks like 20 minutes is about the max.


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