elderban Wrote: The only p


elderban Wrote:

The only problem is once the video was on the site, and since it would be royalty free, someone else out there would probably download all of the videos and start their own site.

There’d have to be some sort of "trade" system involved, say you could download one video for every two you uploaded or something. Or perhaps a credit system where you would get "credits" for every video you uploaded and in turn would use those credits to download videos.

It would have a ranking system, I want free to mean free, but it is also legally bound. Someone cannot downlaod and start their own site, they can however download make a movie and put the movie on their own site, but honestly I don;t care I want the to be freeely available video for people. So I would probably add a ranking system and some other things. But as I said I am still intersted in getrting some numers on the interest level.

I would like to think of this as being a public service. But I only have legal things implemented to protect myself.

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