elderban Wrote: I’m not su


elderban Wrote:

I’m not sure whether or not I want to get a Blue-Ray or HD-DVD drive yet, but I don’t have to worry too much about those until a higher number of people actually start getting them for use in their homes. They’re still new and on the expensive side right now.

I hear ya.
That is and has been the big slow down for what we do, hasn’t it?

Well at least we’ll be ahead of the game once there is a clear direction on the HD-DVD Blu-Ray front.
It’s funny because I’ve working with HD for some time (close to two years) now but it really is still a very new format.

Burners, disc, players and people with HD TVs and all at prices the average person can afford….
That’s not too much to ask for from the market, is it?

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