elderban Wrote:Best bet is


elderban Wrote:

Best bet is to back up your raw footage to DVD. That’s what I plan on doing.

Hard drives get full, and what do you do at that point.

Of course you can always consider hot-swap drives, but you’re less likely to lose the data if it’s on a DVD.

Huh?? 😯

I guess it all depends on how big your projects are.

If I were to backup all my DV AVI raw footage to DVD, I would need a million and one disks and a lot of time on my hands. I believe you can only store about 16 minutes (give or take) of uncompressed DV AVI footage on one normal size DVD disk. Of course I would first have to cut up all of my projects into 16 minute segments so that I can put these files on a disk and then I would have to label all of the disks so I could keep track of them. Now if I wanted to bring back all of these files, I’ll have to sit down and spend a couple of hours loading DVD after DVD back into my PC again and then I would have to re-assemble all of the 16 minutes files back together again in an editing app. Storing raw footage on DVDs is not very practical IMO.


You’re on the right track. An associate of mine uses LaCie and loves them. I think they come with a couple of different interface options too. I suggested that he uses the faster IEEE1394 connections thinking that this will easily keep up with the speed needed for video but he actually went with the USB 2.0 connections instead. I was very surprised to find that the USB connection was able to keep up with the speed needed for video work. He said that he has never had a problem yet.

Another option that even I have done on occasion is to copy the footage back to MiniDV tapes via firewire and a camera. It’s real time so it takes longer but it’s saved in the originally quality and it involves a lot less switching around. If a tape is getting full, you just stop your editing software from feeding the footage, switch tapes and then you just hit record on your camera and play on your editor and you’re back to storing. Like I said, it takes a little longer but at least you don’t have to baby sit it as much and you don’t have to fool around with a lot of DVDs.


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