Either way works for me, t


Either way works for me, though email is probably the most likely to get an immediate response. You can email me at info (at) my domain name (it’s the link in my signature), and I check that about once every 13 or 14 seconds X-D

Our home is west of the cities, in Maple Lake. According to mapquest, if you take I-94, it’s exactly 2 hours from Fergus Falls to my front door. From my front door to my editing suite is about 30 seconds. πŸ™‚

Anyway, definitely let me know when you’re planning on being in the area. We’ll be out of town at the Videomaker Summit in New York October 4-11, but just about any other time before or after that week works well.

Like I said, that GL is a good camera. It’s one and only downside is poor low lighting capabilities, but there are even tricks to improve that.

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