Eh, they’re mixed results.


Eh, they’re mixed results. One of the first ones I went to, we booked three weddings at the expo, and had at least one more that was a follow up. We’ve also had complete bombs at these things.

I like the fall expo because usually I can get one new client, which pays for what I spent to go to the expo and then some, and it’ll give me something to do on a Sunday. Plus, there’s usually a lot of Vendors out thre I’ve never met, and it gives me a chance to get my business card in the hands of other wedding vendors, which has led to the occasional "hey, my photographer/florist/whatever mentioned you".

I’m reminded of a line Sean Connery’s character spoke in "Finding Forrester" when asked about something he did for good luck. He responded something like "…it’s like praying, what can it hurt?"

I usually at least break even, I meet a lot of nice folks, and I spend a Sunday I could’ve spent doing things like going to church or editing videos, and instead I talk about videos. At the very least, it’s fun.

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