EGADS… Wow, no. A


EGADS… Wow, no. A construction worklight is not at all what you need.


Today's cameras are very sensitive and don't need much light.  The quality of that light is more crucial. I'm a big believer in keeping things simple until you need to do otherwise.  So the first question is if you really need lighting gear at all?  Can you shoot your interview outside?  Can it be casual and place the subject near a window and bounce a little fill in with a flexfill or white card?

If you really need lights and only need them a time or two a year, rent them. rents Kinos and other lights at really great rates.  Showing up with pro lights increases your credibility and makes the finished product look better.  Also, watch ebay.  I've got a number of lights in my rig that came from ebay – couple of Mole Richardson fresnels and a Joker HMI.  They were certainly more expensive than the $74 Home Depot work light but they are tools that will last forever.   Check out for some good and inexpensive lights.  Put together a nice kit and rent it to other shooters.

John's link has some good stuff to pull lighting off on the cheap but in the end, answer the most important thing, do you really want to be the guy that shows up with a $150 light kit?  If that's your market, go for it but it does limit who you can market your services to.





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