efiebke, welcome. i also p


efiebke, welcome. i also produce my own music. i started on the guitar 25 years ago and like most guitar players, i learned what i learned in the first 5 years and spent the next 15 years just recycling that same stuff. then about6 years ago i got into video, and started gradually recording some of my own stuff and making more and more with it. video and music are a natural combination for creative types. plus, i can use my stuff with any of my videos and i don’t have to look at the licensing or copyright issues. these days i ONLY use my music. eventually i’ll add my own sound effects, too.

i know a lot of people want the popular music in their videos. i do not. not at all. i want my videos to stand out. i am the only person who uses my music, so they stand out. there’s good and bad to that, but i prefer it that way.

i only play guitar. but i have a roland GR-20 that synthesizes hundreds of other instruments, so i can create almost anything. even though i’ve been playing rock and blues all this time, i’m recording a mariachi style song these days, for example. the roland is pretty versatile. much more versatile than i am, but i’m learning.

i also boughtan alesis electronic drum set to add drums to my song. amazing what you can do these days. i don’t play drums, but by adding multiple layers in adobe audition I can sure sound like i do!

that’s it in a nutshell. i’m not a pro at this, either, but i keep learning and growing and that’s what this is all about for me. it’s my creative outlet.

again, welcome to this forum. it’s great for this kind of stuff and helps me learn!

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