‘efiebke’, One or two poin


‘efiebke’, One or two points arising from our exchange of views. My stroke paralysed me totally down one side of my body, (the words, ‘sub-arachnoid on the right-hand side’ still haunt me after fifty years or more). I lived at the time in a small rural district and our family General Pactitioner was a World War One veteran; so, for fourteen days spent desperately ill after the onset of the event, he was trying to persuade me to ‘pull-myself together’. By the time I saw a neurosurgeon, I was in a very bad way and expected not to survive. Only lingering result, profound deafness in my left ear; only lingering regret, that ‘stereo’ sound had been launched on the New Zealand market during my three months of hospitalisation, and so, I had never got to experience it. Haven’t yet. Doubt if I will, now

Sequencer-wise, I use a Canadian product, Sionsoft ‘Quickscore’, which I am shortly going to update (after all the Christmas presents for other people have been bought). I work totally from the virtual ‘sheet-music’ which I write, so I have a ‘score’, if you would call it that, for everything I compose. ‘Wave’ files take up too much computer-storage and I generally delete those, after rendering the final downmix, but as long as I ‘save’ the original ‘Quickscore’ files, the project may be reconstituted at a later date, albeit with a bit more work. Currently, I have a lot of video hanging-fire waiting for those one or two shots to allow me to put the final ‘polish’ on everything. That means that I have a huge amount of footage ‘in-storage’ on eight USB ‘satellite’ devices at any one time, (They are not necessarily switched-on all at once). I am picking that a lot of work will come to fruition at about-the-same-time, one of these days. In a century and a half of European involvement in our Province the Otago Coastline has seen 93 shipwrecks, and in the 1970’s I lugged a heavy 16mm camera and tripod for kilometres down a remote beach and, recorded one of them for posterity. Other key events, a pilot-whale stranding, shots of sealions stealing speared fish offscuba-divers,numerous shots of rare wildlife, and just recently, half-an-hour ofhectic footage, which showed exactly how a sealion deals with devouring a fish which is far to big to swallow whole; a ‘Little-Blue’ penguin, so small that he topples into perfectly ordinary footprints on one of our beaches, and has to ‘climb-out’ again. ‘Natural-History’ shooting paradise, as is much of New Zealand’s South Island.

My venture, is non-profit-making, it is my way of saying thanks to my city and province for many enjoyable years spent working and living here. Incidentally,there are other people, mostly retired,still pursuing video-making in and around the Peninsula, where I live, one an ex-cameraman of BBC ‘Bristol’ In England; another still ‘involved’ in the industry, whose name is probably known to those who follow ‘Fox’ Natural History programmes, since the ‘Fox’ Natural History Unit is situated in my own city (strangely enough), and has links to a Science Communication Graduate Natural History Film-making course at Otago University, also in Dunedin. What holds a lot of my stuff ‘up’ is extra material coming to light, commentaries having to be re-jigged, and so-on. I make every project so that it is ‘modular’ and may be re-constituted, and all files are carefully stored, catalogued and indexed. I may have mentioned, that there, are currently 107 DVD’s of DV material, plus 37 discs of the same material carefully transcoded (‘Main Concept’ codecs), to high-grade mpg2. All ‘incoming’ AVCHD ‘Transport Stream’ material, is converted to mpg2 for my use, but also archived, as it came from the camcorder. I have a choice between the ‘professional’ version of the Magix Editor (VPX) and ‘MEP 17 Pro-Plus’, for editing, with as many graphics and other programmes able to beinvoked by ‘stepping-through’ the main editor, as possible. Why use ‘MEP17’ when I also have ‘VPX’? Easy, it’s because of MEP’s longer timeline. (I am currently using the new version ‘MX’), all saved files transfer readily between ‘Magix’ editors.

So, it’s back to what I shall be doing after dinner this evening. A short piece of music, using a rather ‘trudging’ theme, of a long walk up a ridge on our coastline, through knee-high grass. As we proceed, we gradually become aware of the presence of the ‘Pyramids’ three basalt-rock geographical features, the vents of an ancient volcano which was originally sited more than 25 kms away and in one almighty blast created our harbour for us. From slightly above them, (where few people ever get to see them, because crossing the private land calls for permission, which is seldom forthcoming), they are an absolute ‘knock-out’visually. And, I am carefully lulling my audience, music-wise into a sense of false security, because ‘knock-out’ geographical features, also call, for ‘knockout’ music, and, they don’t know it yet, but the chords I have, waiting in store for them, (think lots of brass and timpani), are going toshock them in their virginal simplicity ……..I think you get the idea!

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