eep telling yourself that.


eep telling yourself that.. IMHO Liqued blows! yes FCP is the prefered choice for features, Avid unity for "broadcast tv" As far as the "benifits" people keep listing for PP2.0 they are "stand alone" programs, After effects, Audition, encore. Have someone make a vid with what ever they want and vid with vegas will be just as good.

First off you are showing how much you know about Avid. Unity is not even editing software and Liquid is a pinnacle product that they picked up from a merger, and yes it sucks. In fact I dont like avid period. Their interface is the same as it has been since the early nineties and is very outdated and is just not as good as it could be. Vegas is fine for someone does wedding videos,or a hobbyist or a whole company that wants to use it. Because these people can choose what they want to use. People like me however who work professionally need to know the software that will be used on the job. Currently that means Avid and Final Cut Pro. Personally I like Premiere because of its interface and integration with after effects (I am a motion graphics artist so this is very important to me) but premiere is not the program usually used by pros. Although they like Vegas are gaining ground as post houses look at the cheap solutions. I think editing software is editing software and people who dont need to worry about getting a job should use what ever they want to use because frankly they all cut and they all have dissolves any good editor needs no more. People who wish to someday work in the industry should look into the more standard solutions like Avid and FCP and even premiere(the interface is so similar to FCP that if you know one it is very easy to switch if need be). If I did not know the standard software like After Effects and FCP if I had a job in the industry it would be no where near as good as the one I have. Again Vegas is great software and has some innovative features, and is making some inroads into professional production but Avid and Apple still rule the roost as far as professionals go.

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