editing with a laptop


I'm pretty sure you have made youe choice in getting a laptop or desk top. well i use them both and waiting 3-4 hours much less a day or 4 days like one person said, I used to drive tractor trailer so i would take my work with me on the road to have it ready when i got back home i let it render and hit the road and after 6-10 hours of driving it would be ready, ok i was multi-tasking but there was a mistake or something i didn't like with the finished dvd that was 10 hours down the drain. just couldn't do that anymore! that was a hp i got back in 2005 (on sale for $1,000) it was top of the line then and wore out quick. it's sitting in my hardware grave yard lol ! I myself now work with a desk top and this is why. 1 a laptop is gonna get to its limit real quick and if your budget is like mine slim & next to none a good i-7 quad is gonna set you back over a grand. one that you'll really be happy with is gonna be in the 2k area, and you won't be able to upgrade anything on it except the ram/HD! you still have to be near a power source cause as far as i know there is no laptop that has a battery that last more than 6 hr. and thats just to surf, rendering will knock that time down to probably 3-4 hours tops. and the heat generated from it will degrade the cpu. small fans can't keep up beleve me it will. now a desktop you can get started with something in the 700-800 hundred range and as you make some loot put it toward upgrading the desktop i have now a hp with a 3core cpu, running vista (which i hate) and i just added a nivda 1gig gpu.  i just finished a standard dvd that is 85min running time rendered and burned in less than a half hour. working on having one custom built, also my advice to you is start with doing sd video (standard def) till you get a little more experience and see if this is what you really want to do. then you can go hi def-Blue ray. now as far as ssd goes I have a few mentors that suggest that ssd's are good for running the system and editing software and thats all they trust it for. plus you should allways put your rendered material on a separate drive,  things go a lot smoother. the price of a second rather large ssd drive (you will it large if your gonna do HD footage) would have you taking out a equity loan on the house yea they are that pricey! so with a laptop you would still need to carry a external HD. i have a I-5 hp laptop (that set me back 700+) that i use for my lightroom/CS5 work and showing customers my work thats about it nowdays and my desktop is for editing and rendering video. but thats me maybe you have other reasons that you want a laptop but what ever you deside good luck!

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