(EDIT: I had originally sp


(EDIT: I had originally spoke about the GPUs not doing the rendering, yet have learned otherwise with some reading. I guess I’m used to the PC doing all the work! … Apparently the PRO versions do use GPU resources. Sorry I can’t be of more help at this time, but I’m reading up on it myself!)

I run two GTX 280 cards (not in SLI), using one card to run a Matrox box, that supports (3) 24″ Dell monitors. Treats them as one (3840×1024), and the second video card runs a Dell 30″ that is wall mounted above the 24s in (2560×1600). Makes video editing, and other things a blast!! Lots of real-estate.

You should have two VGA or two DVI ports on the back of those cards. It’s best to run the monitors off the DVI, and you simply run one cable (from the video cards) to the monitors. Then in “display settings”, adjust accordingly.?

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