Ed…thanks for the


Ed…thanks for the suggestions but I'm aware of those options. Makes no difference.

Canon included software with the camcorder that will allow the files to be "merged" seemlessly together but I think there's a little quality loss. Plus it takes almost as much time to merge the files as to watch the files in real time.

The "glitch" is only one frame where ther files butt together.

On a non stop shot that equals about 3-4 glitches per hour. I'm kind of learning to live with it but I know it's not right. Since I KNOW there's a fix (for Canon it's the included Pixela software). What I don't understand is why it's not included in all Windows video edit programs that claim to be AVCHD friendly. Am I the only guy who shoots long form programs (plays, graduations, weddings)?    I doubt it very much.

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