Early in this post PeachyD


Early in this post PeachyDingo said: “Do you all still feel this way? Has video gone the way of photography with the glut of “good enough” far out weighing the real pros? Heck, little Billy down the street can borrow Daddy’s HD cam and do a decent (if not professional) video job?”

There will ALWAYS be a demand (NEED) for both: “good enough” and “professional” quality productions. A new or established, even long-time professional constantly has to redirect, change and adapt.

For example: (which I will explain further in my upcoming commercial funeral and memorial marketing guide) In 1999-2000 I invested in projection equipment and almost immediately got a R.O.I. paying off the investment in 90 days because the several funeral homes I marketed to did not have that capability. Soon, providing this service as well as production of professional quality photo/music memorial montages and funeral videotaping, became better than 50 percent of my annual business and income.

Flash forward to 2010. At this point my projection services, and as a result my montage production, business levels have dropped 90 percent from the GREAT levels I experienced only last year. It dropped so drastically because in the funeral industry the facilities were all installing projection services and giving it away, trying to compete for the business. One did it, then another, and another, until virtually ALL of them have free projection in at least their primary or major chapel or facility.

What do you do when this happens? Give up? Go away? No! You see where the faults and oversights are and address those issues to your business advantage. There are MANY issues that develop as families begin doing their own photo/music montages that may or may not work in the facility system. This is happening quite frequently, with members and friends in our funeral business calling, writing, e-mailing and lamenting the ongoing problems and issues and, most importantly, family client backlash … “YOU SAID IT WOULD WORK! and I don’t care if it’s free, if it doesn’t play MY DVD…”

I’ve totally reworked my approach and business is once again gaining ground, increasing and actually will exceed what I was making with the projection services, but it will not include projection. How? Well, that will be in the resource product I will soon be offering at an affordable investment. πŸ˜‰

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