Earl, What took the ‘fun’



What took the ‘fun’ out of a potential ‘toldyaso’ session was just the thing you mentioned about “hackers and other a$$holes” and their cyber creations. Despite my playing ‘Devil’s Advocate’ against Mac (they’re just fine, I just don’t want to spend the money to retool) the common denomenator on these posts are people trying to create work to positive ends. Whether it’s a PC or Mac virus or God forbid a Hybrid, nothing good has ever come from them. Fortunately, I’ve always been on guard against viruses as the only two times I’ve ever been hit were on a Mac and later a PC so I don’t worry. Just for a moment I was ‘disappointed’ for lack of a better term. You would think with all of this wonderful tech we have available we would be better spending our time using it than to just cause mayhem or coerce our fellows out of their money. I applaud your faith in your fellow ‘macies’ on their choice. I just hope you get to keep it.

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