Earl, Thanks for the detai



Thanks for the detailed marketing info! It is exactly what I was looking for since my product differentiator, like yours, will be quick turn around and high quality. I was hung up on the problem of selling the slideshow to the family of the deceased. Clearly, marketing to counselors is an excellent idea as there is the possibility of repeat business. Also, I noticed that you refer to slideshows as montages. A much better choice of words.

About a year ago a young lady who I met in a Chamber of Commerce series of seminars contacted me and at least one other videographer seeking someone to make a short promotional piece for her employer, a major assisted living establishment in this area.. The problem was she had a zero budget. She seemed desperate (and cute – ok, I’m old, but I still like cute) the job was not very difficult. The video and she were both big hits with her boss. A couple of days ago, she called again, this time with money. As an added benefit, I mentioned that I was interested in “cracking” the memorial montage business. She said she has lots of contacts and would be glad to help me.

I guess a little charity goes a long way.

Thanks again for your insights,


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