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Thank you. No…actually I hadn’t thought of either one of those. I don’t think I’d be comfortable shooting a funeral or anything related to it, just been through enough personal tragedies. VST is an interesting concept, I just wonder what the market would be and if there’s any money in it. Right now everyone, atleast in my locale, seems to be ever so skepticle with anything you present to them that requires spending money. The economy goes south and the scams run rampant. Try to sell ’em something and they act as if you’re pointing a gun at them.

I’m still learning all of the features & functions of my AvCAM HMC40, I have a ways to go until I know it inside & out. Want to get to the point where it’s all automatic (in my head). It was a replacement for my Sony SD Handicam which took great pictures, still have it as a backup, even though its 11 years old. As Vid-e-o-man said -trying to keep up with it all is a chore in itself, new stuff coming out almost as fast and often as Apple. It does get overwhelming at times worrying about having the ‘right’ equipment. The only thing I haven’t invested in yet is lighting. I improvise with a dual head halogen work light and for softer lighting I put a sheet up 5 feet in front of it using Zipwall poles.

I throughly researched my purchase (so many freakin cameras! )before I felt the HMC40 was going to give me the best results and be the most versatile for the money I could afford. EDUIS was included but I haven’t tried using it – how many editors do you need to learn?, again, easy to get overwhelmed which one to chose. It just seems the more you try to stay up with current trends, the more overwhelmed you can get and then you’re like a deer in the headlight for a few days.

Recently I shot a friends band playing at a club, as my first ‘unpaid’ professional gig. I saw it as an opportunity to find my weaknesses. I had already been aware of the limited low light ability of my camera, which was really evident in the post production. Found out the limits under the circumstance, not to mention being crammed off into a corner with a tripod in front of one of the tower speakers (thank god I had my headphones on), people constantly tripping on the one tripod leg, then it got scarey when the fighting broke out, I was worried about my brand new camera, not my bodily harm, even with 3 cracked ribs at the time! Had I been thinking better – I should have pivoted the camera 180 degrees to get the fight – now that would have been a cool shot!

Lesson learned : better lighting, don’t shoot events from tripod, make arrangements prior. Video tends to get ‘boring’ when the camera isn’t moving around. Unfortunately, it was the only shooting option available due to overcrowding at the event. The option of shooting video was offered to me by the band, so no real arrangements were made prior. Interesting experience. They were invited to come back & play in April. I told him I was going to pass. he said in 10 years of playing , they’ve never seen a fight break out. Wow – just my luck & I missed the shot!


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