Earl, Sorry you feel that



Sorry you feel that way. I really try not to write anything this long, but watching that doc ‘weirded me out’ and that was my attempt to rationally work out what I saw vs my own experiences. I really didn’t want to dredge up the ‘Old PC vs Mac Tribal’ crap as you aptly put it. However, this stuff is insanely entrenched and any serious attempt to understand and discuss it has the potential for the ‘tribes’ to freak out.

When I watched the film, there were the usual arguments of why one should use or not use which I could handle. What really threw me was as I mentioned was how through Apple’s marketing, they literally created for lack of a better word a ‘Cult’. When people in the film as I mentioned said, “They felt loved” I was blown away how simple marketing of a product any of us could easily live without had created such feelings in the purchasers.

It is in my opinion ridiculous how something so simple can be so incendiary, yet when watching the film I literally caught myself verbally and vehemently in opposition to what was said. Subject matter aside, but that’s great filmmaking!

So the point was in viewing the film “Macheads” in my attempt to fathom their fanboyism, though it’s all smoke and mirrors intended to get us to buy, why does it still have the ability to set us off like that. Even the mere mention of the subject has even you one of the more objective pros on the forums shutting down. To me that is just amazing.

Don’t worry. I have no intention of making this a habit. In this instance, the film struck me so as to wanting to skirt the line of discussion and ‘dredging.’ However, if I run across a similar flick on the PC side I may have the same reaction of head shaking and nausea….

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